• Bracelet Lucky Homme lapis lazulis

Lucky bracelet man Lapis Lazulis

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Lucky bracelet man Lapis Lazulis

Taille homme

Stone bracelet, Lapis Lazulis and silver gear loop.

Mounted on elastic.

This stone is used to help improve vision problems, dandruff and skin problems. It has a cooling effect on fevers and relieves high blood pressure, which for hypertensives is an asset. The improvement of certain allergies can be done with the energetic action of this mineral.

It stimulates creativity, contributes to the elevation of the spirit by making the mind clearer and more concentrated. It also plays a role in developing intuition and helps to have a reflection full of wisdom, listening to facts and intuitions.

In Egypt it was a stone of wisdom often carved in the shape of a scarab. 

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Silvery ornamentation
Available sizes
18 Cm, 19 Cm, 20 Cm Or 21 Cm

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