Philae, in few words

Philae, it is the exceptional and atypical course of two sisters, Nathalie and Aurélie, livened up by the same passion of the creation. Prize-winners of the Prize Défi-Jeunes (from Ministry of Youth) and sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent in 1999, the creators Nathalie and Aurélie launch the brand of jewels Philae, name inspired by an Egyptian temple.

Today, Philae proposes creations at the same time trendy and sophisticated, distributed all over the world, It became a brand settled with the professionals and with the general public.


Philae is from now developping a collection for Man, besides the Woman and Child Collections.


Techniques of Production

The promise of Philae jewels is the alliance of fancy and quality. The jewels are designed by the two creators and are hand-made in their parisian workshop. Since their beggining, the creators attempt to promote the French knowhow by surrounding with French craftsmen (enamelers, melters, gilders,...).

Fascinated by the colors of the East and sensitive to the quality and to the authencity of the materials, both sisters associate enamel, leather, ribbon, crystal, chains ans semi-precious stones to give life to their original and elegant creations, rich in material and in colors.