Clover necklace

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Clover necklace


Golden stainless steel chain. 

Faceted hematite beads.

Mother of pearl, agate and rose quartz clovers.

Agate is good for the throat and vocal cords, heals the heart. It is a stone that gives strength and courage and self-confidence to the wearer. It is beneficial to the nervous and digestive system.

Hematite has many benefits on the psyche:

  • Gives energy and optimism
  • Favors listening to oneself and to others
  • Reinforces the conviction
  • Improves self-confidence, willpower and gives courage
  • Reduces shyness
  • Stimulates concentration and memory
  • Facilitates the study of technical subjects and mathematics
  • Helps to overcome addictions and compulsions (smoking, alcohol, bulimia...)
  • Reduces authoritarian and angry behavior
  • Soothes fears and promotes restful sleep

Stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, Pink quartz gives tenderness, gentleness and self confidence. Perfect for nervous people. It's calming, comforting and helps to focus on concentration and meditation. Lower the heartbeat, stabilize the production of adrenalibe and gives rest.

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Stainless steel and gold plated chain