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Bracelet Lucky Homme oeil de tigre
  • Bracelet Lucky Homme oeil de tigre

Lucky bracelet man tiger eye

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Lucky bracelet man tiger eye

Taille homme

Stone bracelet, tiger eye and silver loop.

The eye of tiger makes it possible not to be influenced any more by the bad energies.

This stone stimulates the will and helps to overcome its fears to assert itself with more interior serenity.

It reduces stress by bringing more self-confidence.

The tiger's eye fights depression, makes you more optimistic, helps you to make decisions, brings you recognition of yourself as an individual.

It helps to become aware of its qualities, favors creation, reduces fears.

The friendly relations are clearly improved by wearing a tiger eye.

Its capacity to regulate the emotions allows to dissolve the emotional blockings.

Mounted on elastic.

Data sheet

Silvery ornamentation
Tiger eye stone bracelet
Available sizes
18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm or 21 cm

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